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Homes in Water Village Vero Beach

What Are the Benefits of Living in Vero Beach FL?

Unlike Any Other Florida Destination

Vero Beach and Hibiscus City are two of the rare places in the Sunshine State that exert great effort in preserving their natural surroundings and cozy, small-town feel. No building here is more than four levels high because the city enforces a strict policy about the maximum of stories a building can have. Because of this, the natural wonders in Vero Beach continue to take centerstage over these fancy edifices.

Neighbors with the Distinguished and the Famous

Vero Beach offers many charming communities you can choose from. With that are the prominent people who fell in love with Vero Beach and chose to settle down in this quiet and beautiful getaway.

Fred Barnes is one of those who continues to enjoy the exclusivity of Hibiscus City. He is a respected journalist, the executive editor of The Weekly Standard, and a contributor at Fox News.  The inventor of the electric football Norman Sas is also from Vero Beach. Gloria Estefan, a renowned singer, was swept off her feet by the beauty of Vero Beach. She and her husband bought a home and established a resort and hotel business called Costa d’Este Beach.

Why People Fall In Love with Vero Beach

Vero Beach is a great escape from the city’s busy and fast lifestyle. It lets you enjoy the wonders of nature from the comfort of your home. Recreational places where you can do engaging activities are also nearby.

Water Village Vero Beach Florida Homes

Experience paradise as you explore the Treasure Coast beaches. Walkways with beach access are available to the public so you can spend a relaxing day at the beach.

Aside from swimming, there are other water activities you can do like kayaking, boating, fishing, and diving. Watch in awe as sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach, unafraid of your company. Blow your mind away, as you discover the beauty of the waterworld in this untapped territory.

If you are a fan of nature, take a stroll around McKee Botanical Garden. Are you an arts fanatic? Drop by at the Vero Beach Museum for some inspiring art pieces. Take a glimpse of the area’s history at the McLarty Treasure Museum. Check out upcoming events, lectures, and performances at the Riverside Theatre. Or simply walk around and shop at the nearby Indian River Mall area.

If you are a fan of nature, take a stroll around McKee Botanical Garden. Are you an arts fanatic? Drop by at the Vero Beach Museum for some inspiring art pieces. Take a glimpse of the area’s history at the McLarty Treasure Museum.

Finding the Right Home

It would be a blast to have all these amenities within your reach. You can be a part of the wonders happening in this amazing city. There are many charming and gated communities you can choose from. One of these is the Lakes at Water Village.

This gated community offers many resort-like amenities. Expect to see lake and preserve views from the villa and single-family homes. Waterway Village by Divosta Vero Beach FL offers six different house designs to suit your needs. Each home has its highlights that makes picking out the right one simple and easy.

Choose from the 2 to 5 bedroom Water Village Vero Beach Florida homes for sale. They offer living spaces that range from 1,500 to more than 2,500 square feet. Depending on your preference, you can pick out the home design with 2, 3 or 4 bathrooms.

Find out more about the Water Village Homes for Sale!

Are you nearing your retirement? Or are you looking for a great place with breathtaking beaches?

With my knowledge of the area, I can help you find the right home that suits your needs. Call me, Karen Mathers, at (772) 532-3221 today to discover the beauty that awaits you at Waterway Village by Divosta Vero Beach FL.

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Vero Beach 55 Plus Homes for Sale

Vero Beach 55 Plus Homes for Sale

You’re in for an exciting treat of your life as you retire and move to Vero Beach FL!

Living up to its nickname as Hibiscus City,  this place is sure to complement your vision to live in a colorful,  comfortable and stylish city. Perfect for diverse personalities,  from adventurous to those who want privacy, I assure you there’s a place for you here.

I love saying that because I believe in this city. And why not? The Vero Beach, in the seat of Indian River County Florida, promises generous growth when it comes to their industry, tourism and their infrastructure.

Every part of this city is growing and I want you to be part of their lovely history!

You have an assurance that the neighborhood in Vero Beach understands and respects the needs of its residents. You will notice the clean, well-kept surroundings when I tour you around.

I have personally witnessed how this city has grown. They have large shopping malls just west of I-95 on State Road 60, the Fashion Outlet Mall and the Indian River Mall.

If you want it to be more personal, you can walk along the Ocean Drive and visit specialty shops of your choice. That’s what I do on my everyday morning run.

This place is a pure combination of rich historical heritage and revived modern day destination. And guess what, you can call this your home!

That’s just the backdrop of what Vero Beach can showcase!

This city will let you do what you have always loved doing. Name it: kayaking, diving, fishing, boating, waterborne activities and my favorite, water skiing! The Indian River Lagoon offers these activities that you can do with your family and friends.

And if you have your grandchildren or relatives visiting you, there’s always Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. They have wide variety of dining and antique stores, plus art galleries for you patron of the arts out there.

And just when you think you have seen everything, wait until you see their beaches!

Homes for Sale in Vero Beach

You see, it’s an active place to live in, yet it also considers the need of each individual or  family for solace now and then. Whether you enjoy walking along the shore of South Beach, Humiston Park in their Central Beach Business District, Jaycee Park or merely staying at home, this is the place to be.

Top notch Vero Beach Homes for sale with the highest quality standards

I would like you to envision owning one of the homes for sale in Vero Beach and enjoying your view of the house. You may have a single family home attached villa where you can lounge in your manicured garden or enjoy your neighborhood from your porch.

You are free to relax and enjoy an outdoor activity anytime, right from the comfort of your fenced yard.

Delight in main-level living with a low maintenance exterior. You have the freedom to choose whether a 2 or 3 bedroom house is right for you in Vero Beach.

Security is well considered all over the community. Through this, you and your family can enjoy a peaceful home, day in and out. The Vero beach homes can be adjusted to meet your needs and expectations.

This can be an extraordinary experience for all retirees and families who would like to create a haven in this city.

Are you ready to make your new life in Vero Beach FL?

Let me help you purchase the home that will make a positive difference in your life.

My name is Karen Mathers. Allow me to help you by providing the best assistance as a professional REALTORⓇ.

This is a great opportunity so don’t miss it! Call me, Karen Mathers at 772-532-3221 today!

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Vero Beach FL Homes for Sale

New Construction Homes for Sale | Vero Beach FL 55+

Heads up! The 55+ Beach Communities of Vero Beach FL have New Construction Homes for Sale right now!

If you ever missed the chance to buy that home by the beach you’ve wanted for so long, then this is your chance to own a house here in one of our sought after 55+ communities in Vero Beach FL!

Here are the top reasons to live in 55+ Communities of Vero Beach FL!

Too many of the waterfront cities in Florida have succumbed to tourist traps, and high rises. But Vero Beach has always remained as that breath of fresh air from all the overdevelopment in the surrounding areas.

Real Estate Properties for Sale in Vero Beach FL

With its strict policy that no building can exceed four stories, Vero Beach feels more like a seaside village and has always been a great option for anyone looking for a retirement or vacation home.

There’s a lot going on here in Vero Beach FL and it’s a guarantee that buying one of the homes for sale here is a decision that you won’t ever regret. If you want to know more about what’s in store for you once you decide to move here, the best person to ask is me, Karen Mathers!

I am not only a long-time resident of Vero Beach. I’m also an expert of real estate in this beach spot of Florida. You can find out more about me at my website

What type of homes for sale can you expect to see in Vero Beach FL?

With the addition of newly constructed homes, more and more people are able to move into and enjoy the wonderful beach community and I’m just so excited to help everyone, including you, find the right home!

One of the sought-after 55+ communities in Vero Beach FL is the Woodfield Subdivision. It is a gated community known for its resort-style living and convenience to shopping and dining. And it is only eight miles to the beach!

Here you’ll find homes with bedrooms ranging from 3-4 and living spaces from 1,260 sq.ft to 3,421 sq. ft. Prices are looking great with values from $200,000 to $500,000.

These new construction homes for sale in Vero Beach FL are designed to give you that sense of luxury at a nice price. The best part though is their convenient location to amenities like the beach, hospital and doctors office, and upscale dining and shopping.

And if you’re lucky, you can also get one of the new construction homes for sale near the Indian River where you can enjoy kayaking, fishing and boating.

This is just the beginning. There’s a lot more in store for Vero Beach FL. That’s why I want to tell you that you should not miss this chance to own one of the homes for sale right now!

I am Karen Mathers, a licensed full time REALTOR® in Vero Beach in the state of Florida. When you feel that you would also like to have your dream retirement home here in our community, then do not hesitate to call me at (772) 532-3221.

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Gated Community in Vero Beach Woodfield Subdivision Home For Sale

Woodfield Subdivision In Vero Beach | Homes for Sale

What are you looking forward to in your retirement?

Do you remember those retirement goals and plans you made when you were younger?

I am not sure you do, but in my case, I don’t remember all the plans I have made for retirement.

However, there are two things I was sure about. One, I wanted to live in a neighborhood close to the ocean where I can have peace and tranquility, and two, I wanted to do things I have not been able to do because of time and budget restrictions.

If your wishes were like mine, you would enjoy living here in th 55 and over active adult gated community of Woodfield in Vero Beach for here; you can achieve your retirement goals.

Homes For Sale in Woodfield Vero Beach FL

Why live in Woodfield Subdivision in Vero Beach?

Woodfield Subdivision is a much sought after over 55+ community here in Vero Beach. It is a gated and exclusive community known for its resort-style living and convenience to shopping and dining. And it is only eight miles to the beach!

Vero Beach is a popular retirement community due to its location, climate and beautiful coastlines. Sitted right in the middle of Atlantic Coastline, it offers warm winters, spectacular beaches and a growing economy. It is no wonder there is an increasing number of Vero Beach 55+ communities.

Enjoy fantastic weather and sunshine all year long.

Do you know that Vero Beach boasts of more than 200 clear sunny days?

It’s true! We love the weather here, especially the ocean breeze on warm days. I have been living here for a long time, having fallen in love with these pristine beaches.

Here in the  Woodfield Subdivision in Vero Beach, you can live an active lifestyle with people who share your interests.

Living here in Woodfield is like a never-ending fun vacation. This community offers so many features and amenities catered to all kinds of hobbies and interests.

If you love exercise, there is a fully-equipped fitness center where you can workout and stay fit. There are also aerobic classes and other fitness programs like Pilates, yoga, tai chi and even water exercises.

Homes in Woodfield Vero Beach FL for Sale

You can find new friends and bond with them over a game of billiards, or any arts and crafts project.

Do you enjoy acting? There are also theater and musical groups you can join. There is even an on-site theater where events and ballrooms are held all year round.

To sustain your quest for lifelong learning, Woodfield has a library. Here you can relax while reading your favorite book. There are also several computers that you can use should you wish to look up something, or get connected with a friend or loved on.

And if you love outdoor fun, the clubhouse offers heated pool and spa, tennis courts and patio.

Of course, part of the resort-like lifestyle offered by the Woodfield community is the day trips to various areas interesting places in South Florida.

The Woodfield Subdivision in Vero Beach offers plenty of space for relaxation and entertaining

You deserve to enjoy your retirement years after all the hard work you did. Now you can live in the home of your dreams.

You will find villas here that are spacious with elegantly designed living rooms, stylish kitchens with premium finishes and cozy bedrooms.

It also offers many special amenities like a pantry, a breakfast bar, over-sized laundry rooms, walk-in closet and spa-like bath.

The homes in the Woodfield Subdivision in Vero Beach usually have one-car garages, two baths and two or three bedrooms, so in case you have guests sleeping over, you have a space to offer them.

It is truly a haven for active adults like us.

Would you like to know more about this home or other similar homes in any Vero Beach 55+ communities? Check out my website at

Call me, Karen Mathers, at 772-532-3221 today! Allow me to help you start the next chapter of your active life here in Vero Beach.

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