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Vero Beach gated communities

Homes for Sale in Gated Communities in Vero Beach FL │Why You’ll Love Living Here

Come and see why Vero Beach is a great place to call home!

If you are looking for a vacation or a retirement home, you should definitely check out the gated communities in Vero Beach FL.

Vero Beach, a city in and the seat of Indian River County, is known for its 25 miles of pristine oceanfront. It consists of 13.1 square miles and is located about 190 miles south of Jacksonville and 135 miles north of Miami on Florida’s east coast.

It is a well known beach retirement area that offers two large oceanfront parks and many more along the Indian River.

During winter, the average temperature here is in the mid 60’s and the water temperature is about the same December through February. From May to September, the average temperature ranges in the  high 70’s and the water temperature goes up  to 84 degrees.  In addition, Vero Beach boasts of more than 200 clear sunny days in a year.


Experience what a great time the summer is with all the sunshine and warm water at Vero Beach.

If you are into shopping, you should visit the Indian River Mall. It is Vero Beach’s largest shopping mall and is conveniently located on Highway 60. There are also additional shopping centers, such as  Indian River Commons and the Vero Beach Mall. If you are a bargain hunter, you will find discounted brand name labels at the Vero Beach Fashion Outlet located on the west side of the Interstate 95.


The gated communities here are a sight to behold.

John’s Island is a private and prestigious gated country club community in the  Vero Beach area. It is located on the island in the small town of Indian River.

This community boasts of picturesque seaside landscape, world-class amenities, and an almost perfect climate. No wonder, Fortune 500 CEO’s and entrepreneurs alike find this place really attractive.  In fact, it is home to many retired executives and several enjoy a second home here.

John’s Island has also been named one of “America’s Top 25 Golf Communities” by Travel + Leisure Golf. If you are a club member, you have easy access to three championship  golf courses, 17 Har-Tru tennis courts, professional squash, four pickleball courts, and two croquet lawns.  


Get a feel of the  unique and sophisticated blend of world-class golf and an unparalleled residential lifestyle.

Indian River Club is another gated community in Vero Beach FL. This highly desirable golf community offers an array of beautiful home sites and quality single family homes. It also has  recreational amenities and a nationally recognized golf course that has been featured on ESPN, The Robb Report and Links Magazine.

Vero Beach FL gated communities homes for sale

Most of the homes in this area have broad verandas, light filled indoor/outdoor living rooms, shuttered windows and French doors opening out to the park like grounds.

If you want to know more about the lifestyle and homes for sale in the gated communities in Vero Beach, visit http://VeroBeach55PlusHomesForSale.com. You will find all the information  you need.

Call me,  Karen Mathers, at (772) 532-3221. Do not hesitate to contact me for all your real estate needs. I look forward to guiding you smoothly through the home buying process.

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Vero Beach FL Homes for Sale

Gated Communities and Why You Might Want To Live in One | Vero Beach FL Homes For Sale

You’re finally ready to buy that home for sale. Great! But are you sure you haven’t forgotten something?

Finding the perfect home is like one big puzzle. Each piece is one factor that you have to consider and really take into consideration. Some of it is easy to recognize, like how much the home is, how big a budget you can afford, how many bedrooms or bathrooms are needed (or wanted), how old or how new the house is and what renovations are needed (hopefully none).

Some though, are hard to keep in mind and sometimes overlooked. One example is the land itself. Examining the area around that house for sale is just as important as the house itself.

Is it  in an area prone to flooding? Is the driveway shared with another property? If there are fences, have they been built and positioned properly? It’s a lot to take in, but when you buy a house, you can’t ignore its surroundings!

Another one is your needs. If this is a home that you intend to stay in forever, or at least a home you plan to stay in for many years, you need to consider your growing needs over time and assess whether or not this home will meet those needs.

And if someday you ever plan to put up this home for sale, you need to consider this too, right now! Do you plan to have a home office? Is there space for a home office and area to meet potential clients? Will you commute to work? How far is the commute?

Have you considered buying a home for sale in a gated community?

One of the commonly overlooked facet when buying a home is the neighborhood. When you buy a home for sale and move in, you’re not only moving into a new house, you’re also moving into a new neighborhood!

It might not sound like a big deal right now, but imagine if there was a school next door where the children arrive at 7am and start the day with a rollicking song over the loudspeaker. For some, being close to a school full of happy children would be a pleasant thing. To others, not so much.

But what if your new apartment is next to the local dump or the fire department where sirens can go off anytime day or night? And what if there was a neighbor that likes to blast his music until 4am on the weekends?

Now it’s starting to sound like a major problem, eh?

The good thing is, there is a solution for all of that. And that is living in a gated community, like the ones we have here in Vero Beach, Florida!

Homes for Sale in Vero Beach FL

The homes for sale in the gated communities of Vero Beach FL are what you’ve been looking for

Gated communities provide a variety of comforts that you won’t get in any local community. They provide security by having controlled points of entries and exits.

They also provide rules and regulations against loud noises after a certain time at night. Because of this, it is a guarantee that you won’t be bothered by your neighbors and you won’t be a bother to them too!

Aside from the privacy and security, gated communities also provide commendable amenities. The Woodfield Gated Community here in Vero Beach has a clubhouse, a fitness center, an aerobic room, and 4 tennis courts to keep that blood pumping. We also have a ballroom, billiards, an arts and crafts room and a movie theater room. In addition to this is scenic lakes and ponds for your viewing.

Oh yeah, and one more thing. We also have employees that take care of the cleaning around the community so you don’t have to!

Always get help from an expert about that home for sale

Fortunately, there are people like yours truly, who can and will deal with all of these real estate issues so that you don’t have to! To find out more about me and what I can do for you, head on over to my website at www.VeroBeach55PlusHomesForSale.com

Check out some of the homes for sale in Vero Beach FL.

I am Karen Mathers, a licensed full time REALTOR® in Vero Beach in the state of Florida. Do not hesitate to call me at (772) 532-3221 for all your real estate needs. You can count on me!